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I'm going to quit my day job and become a doorman at the Ritz Carlton Hotel

I picked up a young man in my rideshare vehicle who told me how much money he makes in tips as a doorman at the Ritz Carlton Hotel and I quickly realized I am in the wrong line of work! more »

Holy smokes, she really gave me a $20 tip - read this rideshare story

This young lady walks into my car and start telling her friend a story about how she accidentally gave the doorman at her hotel a $20 tip. more »

Rich or poor, you need to get yourself a financial advisor - Now this is some good advice!

It doesn't really matter if you are rich or poor, you need to get yourself a good financial advisor, a man told me this morning. Especially if you are poor, he explains. more »

So many streaming services: Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube premium, do you need all of them?

I just cancelled my Netflix and I'm already feeling guilty about it... LOL... Streaming services are slowly dripping money out of your bank account and yet, if you are like me, you probably have three or more streaming services that you are paying for on a monthly basis. Which one do you keep which one do you get rid of and why? more »

Mother-of-three gets back on the dating scene - Keep that part out of the conversation, I tell her!

"I just got over bad long relationship," she told me. It feels so good to be single again. "I am on my second date and I'm loving it." more »

Are you poor or are you broke? Do you know the difference?

Mike Todd a famous movie maker once said being broke is a temporary situation being poor is a mental condition. more »

Do your friends help you achieve or are they just ready to help you screw up your life?

I was talking to a young lady this morning and she was explaining to me how the kind of friends you have around you can either help you or hinder you on your path to success. more »

If you constantly have to prove to somebody that you love them, do they love you back?

Have you ever found yourself in a relationship what you are constantly giving, giving, giving and what you are getting in return is nothing compared to what you are giving? more »

Me and my Uber passenger are talking about programming as we cruise down FDR Drive in New York

I met this amazing lady and I am taking her to downtown New York City right now and it is so much fun talking to her as we cruise down FDR Drive in New York City. more »

Corona virus is killing a lot of people but a lot of others will be born because of the virus

While it is true that a lot of people are dying from COVID-19, someone just told me that a lot of new babies are being born too because of the virus. more »