Being a bad driver is somewhere between being in a rush and being too careful

Is it me or do all the bad drivers come out during rush hour? I realized this morning that I am one of these bad drivers and I now know why we called them bad drivers.

Bad driving is somewhere between being in a rush and being too careful.

During rush hour, not only are you in a rush, everyone around you is also in a rush. People are cutting each other trying to bring kids to school, trying to rush into the Dunkin Donuts to grab that morning cup of coffee, everyone is in a rush to go everywhere while there are trying to be so careful not to hit each other.

After awhile you become a whole bunch of crazy adults driving around and go karts.

Sometimes driving on the road feels like riding on go karts except accidents are real and costly

If you've ever been stuck in traffic in a school zone at 7:30 in the morning you will know exactly what I mean by that.

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