Relationships are worth protecting - The older you get the more you realize life is a series of relationships that you have to stay true to

The older you get, the more experiences you live through, the more you learn that it is not just about you anymore, it's about the others that can be affected by what you do.

When you're young and stupid, you fail to see that and you fail to understand that. You make a lot of mistakes and those mistakes will come no matter what. Everyone makes mistakes.

But as you get older, you come face to face with reality and you get wiser in the decisions you make to protect not only yourself but your relationships with the people who rely on you for life, for love, even for business.

The mistakes that you've made in your life, the mistakes you will make, they will allow you to understand what you know now and they will prepare you for the next wave. The same things that you didn't care about, all of a sudden you will care.

As you make these mistakes, as you learn from them, as you come to realize that your decisions affect your various relationships, you will be better prepared for the next wave.

You will be in a different space of understanding.

You will be in a different space of knowledge.

As you get older and wiser, you realize that you are not just you anymore. You are you Incorporated. And in your personal corporation, there are a whole bunch of other people involved.

Part of growing up is realizing, once you understand this, that you have a job to do to protect those relationships. Making the wrong moves and repeating the same mistakes of the past mean you are not staying true to those relationships and to the people you love.

Believe it or not, I have learned all of this from comedian Kevin Hart in an interview he gave to Lewis Howes in his YouTube series The School of Greatness.

I've always admired Kevin Hart as a comedian and actor but hearing him speak about his mistakes and how he grew from them to become a better man was truly amazing.

Kevin Hart says mistakes come with success. But as you grow out of these mistakes, you grow stronger relationships with the ones you love and care about.

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