Can you be happy just because you want to be? Can you simply choose to be happy?

There are many people in this world who thinks they need something or someone in order to be happy. Some people associate happiness with nice shoes, nice clothes, living comfortably or traveling to some fancy destination.

But is that really what happiness is?

Can someone be happy just because you want to be happy?

Can you simply choose happiness above all else?

The answer is YES...

Abraham Lincoln once said: "Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be."

This is so true.

Yes you can be happy because you want to be happy or because you choose to be happy.

Happiness, as many others have realized, it is a choice. It is up to you to be happy. You can intentionally choose to be happy every single day of your life.

It does not matter what circumstances you are going through in this life. Deal with it while choosing to be happy no matter what.

If you think you have nothing to be happy about then he's a simple little thing I want you to start practicing.

Everyday you wake up count your blessings. Thank God for every little thing that you can think of that you are grateful for and thank him for each one, one by one, one after the other.

You will be shocked you will realize you have plenty of things to be happy about.

And one more thing I can suggest: Smile because you want to.

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