Take a cold shower : Would you believe this is a good way to cleanse your mind and get you going for the rest of the day

I grew up in Haiti. I didn't know taking a cold shower was a good way to get you going for the rest of the day. Well I'll be damned... A cold shower is the only option for most Haitians LOL...

No wonder they have so much energy LOL...

For the most part there is no such thing as hot and cold water in the tub in Haiti. No matter what time of the year, you have no choice but to take a cold shower unless you boil some water and add it to the water are you about to bathe with.

I had to come to America, the land of hot water heaters, to find out that there are some benefits to taking a cold shower.

Listen to this from Louis howes, the host of The School of Greatness, a great YouTube channel you should subscribe to:

Take a cold shower.

This can be for one minute.

One minute of a cold shower and it activates your mindset. It activates your body and opens your pores and it makes you feel awake and alive as opposed to groggy and just kind of getting through the morning.

A cold shower wakes you up. It gets you clear and gets you focused.

There are so many benefits for your immune system as well by taking a one to two minutes cold shower.

You don't have to be extreme and immerse yourself in the bathtub for 10 minutes. Just try it for 7 days.

The funny thing is, I have no problem taking a cold shower when i am in Haiti since I have no choice but, as soon as I get to the United States, I bathe as hot as I can tolerate it.

Try taking a cold shower for 7 days and tell me how you like it.

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