How long do you have to walk or jog to burn off 10 delicious chicken wings?

I'm exercising, I'm walking, I am doing my best to eat healthy, fighting to lose weight and all of a sudden my friend calls me and tells me: Hey bro, we're grilling man! Come on over!"

My friend grills the best chicken wings in Miami. Once you start eating them you can't stop
My friend grills the best chicken wings in Miami. Once you start eating them you can't stop

I can't say no to chicken wings, especially when they're all free LOL.

So I hop over to my friend's house, and I start chewing away, chicken wings after chicken wings.

"Oh you don't mind if I have four more do you? His wings are delicious!"

After I finish eating 10 chicken wings, The guilt trip begins to settle in. I started asking myself this question:

"Self, how long I'm going to have to walk to burn of these darn chicken wings?"

I do the Google search:

"Ok Google! How many calories in 10 chicken wings"

Then Google started asking me all sorts of questions:

Is it baked?

Is it barbecued?

Does he have the skin on it?

Was it cooked on the air fryer?

Man just tell me how many freaking calories in 10 chicken wings!

Here's the lowdown on these chicken wings.

If you ate 10 chicken wings at your friend's BBQ party --- Not the whole big chicken wing though, I'm talking about the little stubby ones, you know, the ones you buy pre-seasoned at Costco --- Gobbling all these little wings right off the BBQ Grill, that's roughly 700 calories, give or take.

Now how long do you have to walk to burn off 700 calories of barbecue chicken wings?

I didn't have to Google that one. I tried it myself.

You have to walk roughly five miles, about one hour and 40 minutes, or 9500 steps in order to burn burn off 700 calories worth of chicken wings.

The next time you want to chow down on some irresistible wings at your friend's back yard cook-out, if you want to keep that weight off, you better start walking.

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