You ever wake up one day, everything is out of whack and you don't know why? Maybe this will help

From the day that I woke up on September 30th I didn't feel well. I was in a bad mood, I was feeling very lazy, I didn't feel like working. Something even stranger happened all day and I didn't know why. At least not yet.

Tomorrow is the first of the month. My rent money was a couple of hundred dollars short and I have to hit the road to make some money.

So what was wrong with me?

Why was I feeling so lazy and out of it?

With all these bad feelings something else was going on that I couldn't understand.

Every time I saw a black Chevy Suburban pass by I kept thinking about my brother Evency and how much money you could be making right now as a Rideshare driver.

An entire day pass by, I was just being busy but I was not being productive.

Later that afternoon, I sat on my couch the Whatsapp status of some of my family and friends; then I noticed my sister posted this picture on her profile.

So that is what is wrong with me. Today is the day my brother died and I didn't realize it until I saw this picture.

Sometimes you will wake up in a bad mood, something is wrong with you and you don't know what it is. Let me tell you, there's nothing wrong with you. It's just that, in your collection of memories there is something you're supposed to remember at that moment. Your memories are trying to recall it or bring it forward.

You just can't put it together. Your brain is just trying to make you remember something. If you do end up putting the pieces together then you suddenly feel better. But if you don't, you may spend a day or two feeling strange, stressed, whatever feelings you may be feeling at the moment but it's okay. A couple of days will go by and it will go away.

Hopefully you won't convert that bad mode into a stupid argument with someone you love. But that's another story.

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Subject: You ever wake up one day, everything is out of whack and you don't know why? Maybe this will help edit

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