Your left eye is twitching? Drinking apple cider vinegar may help

Did you know that stress can cause your left eye to be twitching all the time? I just found out that drinking some apple cider vinegar can actually help you get rid of that twitch on your left eye.

Stress creates an alkaline body which can in turn create a deficiency of calcium in your body.

Sometimes you will notice when people are stressed their left eye begins to twitch. That's because the pH level of your body is more alkaline. Because of that your body is unable to absorb calcium.

According to Dr. Eric Berg, a twitching eye is a calcium deficiency.

You could take calcium suplements but if the pH balance of your body isn't right that's not going to work.

So your best bet might be to drink some apple cider vinegar to drop the ph and make your body a little bit more acidic; this way, body can continue to absorb calcium again and your eye twitch will go away.

The next time you start getting a twitch in the left eye, don't panic. head over to your fridge and next up a couple of spoons of apple cider vinegar about 20 oz of water and drink it.

Apple cider vinegar, I am discovering, is good for a whole bunch of other things. As I discover more I will share it with you.

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