Are you waiting for somebody to come into your life to make you feel better about yourself?

Sometimes we as human beings sit and wait for another person to come into our lives who makes us feel better about ourselves. There is one problem with that.

I will use the words of Marisa Peer to tell you exactly what the problem is:

Marissa said sometimes you go through life looking for your other half.

You are not a half, she said. You need to you to complete you.

One of the damaging beliefs that we have as humans is that we are constantly trying to find someone out there to come into our lives and meet our needs.

Yes you may find that person to come into your life and meet your needs but recognize that you are also given the person the job, the responsibility to make you feel good enough, she said.

If you give them the job, they can take it away anytime they choose. Now you find yourself back out there trying to find somebody else to meet your needs. You are right back where you started, Marisa Peer said.

Quit thinking you are Half. Be whole for your sake.

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