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Los Angeles California, all residents are being asked to wear face masks when in public

Los Angeles California Authority is urging residents to all wear face masks when they are in public. more »

This man was so happy when he discovered he tested negative for COVID-19

Happiness is when you test negative for the coronavirus COVID-19 When he entered my vehicle, I asked him: "Sir, if you think you might be infected with coronavirus..." He stopped me right in my tracks: "No man! Thank God I just tested negative for this darn coronavirus and I am so happy!" more »

$24 for an airline ticket from Newark International to Fort Lauderdale Florida, Unbelievable!

Empty JetBlue departure terminal at Newark International Airport during coronavirus pandemic A friend of mine just flew from Newark International Airport to Fort Lauderdale Airport via JetBlue for only $24... more »

211,700 Coronavirus cases reported in US, at least 920 deaths reported in a single day

More than 211,000 coronavirus cases have been reported in the United States and just today, Wednesday April 1st, 928 people are reported dead. more »

It's the first of the month, rent is due and millions of Americans are out of work because of COVID-19

If you were stressed because of the coronavirus, today is the 1st of the month, your stress level is probably through the roof right now ask yourself: How will I pay my rent this month? more »

1,400 members of the NYPD are now infected with Coronavirus, CNN reports

Coronavirus Pandemic : 1400 NYPD officers infected, 6172 out sick It is Wednesday, April 1st 2020, and CNN is reporting more than 1,400 members of the New York's police department (NYPD) are infected with the Coronavirus. more »

COVID-10 Pandemic : U.S. Army Corps of Engineers racing to build 240 field hospitals across the country

With hospitals all over the United States running out of hospital beds due to the coronavirus pandemic, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is racing to build 240 field hospitals all across the country. more »

American students returning home from spring break are coming back infected with COVID-19

I don't know why someone would go to spring break in the midst over virus pandemic but this college students are not coming back home infected with coronavirus. more »

Fighting coronavirus is like fighting a monster with a water gun, a New York doctor said

Dr. Luz Ares of Elmhurst New York said coronavirus is so contagious "it is like fighting a monster with a water gun." Her husband, also a doctor, is now hospitalized, infected with Coronavirus. more »

Entire Indian reservations could be wiped out in the United States by Coronavirus

The governor of New Mexico told President Trump in a phone call that she is we're very worried that tribal Nations could be wiped out by Coronavirus. more »