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Relationships are worth protecting - The older you get the more you realize life is a series of relationships that you have to stay true to

The older you get, the more experiences you live through, the more you learn that it is not just about you anymore, it's about the others that can be affected by what you do. more »

Shopping plus-size as Return to Office Style - Is Amazon trying to tell us we've gained weight?

I never told Amazon I was fat, yet I noticed there're showcasing Plus Sizes as return to office styles I gained 25 pounds during the Covid-19 pandemic but I never said a word to Amazon. How the hell did they know? more »

My trip to Einstein Bros Bagels in Sunny Isles Beach Florida was an accident. It is not what you think. My experience, a review...

Einstein Bros Bagels, Collins Avenue in Sunny Isles Beach, nice place to grab your bagel sandwich and your morning cup of coffee This is a story about how I ended up in front of Einstein Bros Bagels in Sunny Isles Beach Florida and how I went in and placed my order even though I was not hungry. more »

Hotel Riu Plaza Miami Beach is his favorite spot to spend the night whenever he is down on business in South Florida

My friend and I are enjoying a super delicious breakfast at the Hotel Riu Plaza Hotel in Miami Beach When my good friend asked me to come and have breakfast with him at the Hotel Riu Plaza Miami Beach, I wanted to say no but I'm so glad I changed my mind. more »

Did you know: Fisher Island, this is very rich Island in South Florida was once the private property of an African-American millionaire

Take a look at Miami Beach across the palm trees of Fisher Island Florida. Waiting to get on the ferry Fisher Island, very rich and popular Island in South Florida between downtown Miami and South Beach was once the private property of African American businessman and real estate developer Dana A. Dorsey, South Florida's first African-American millionaire back in the early 1900's. more »

Can you be happy just because you want to be? Can you simply choose to be happy?

There are many people in this world who thinks they need something or someone in order to be happy. Some people associate happiness with nice shoes, nice clothes, living comfortably or traveling to some fancy destination. more »

WTF!!! $4.99 a gallon!!! My car was running out of gas in South Beach Florida so I decided to stop at a Gas Station

Look: Same gas station with two totally different prices at the pump When I saw the sticker price for a gallon of gasoline at a Shell gas station in Miami Beach Florida , I was shocked. more »

Being a bad driver is somewhere between being in a rush and being too careful

Sometimes driving on the road feels like riding on go karts except accidents are real and costly Is it me or do all the bad drivers come out during rush hour? I realized this morning that I am one of these bad drivers and I now know why we called them bad drivers. more »

Ideal Cardiovascular Health: List of 7 factors and criterias you have to meet so you can live longer

Ideal cardiovascular health is really defined by seven factors and criterias. If you want to live your life in an ideal cardiovascular health these are the seven things you need to make sure are in order in your life. more »

You ever wake up one day, everything is out of whack and you don't know why? Maybe this will help

So that is what is wrong with me. Today is the day my brother died and I didn't realize it until I saw this picture. From the day that I woke up on September 30th I didn't feel well. I was in a bad mood, I was feeling very lazy, I didn't feel like working. Something even stranger happened all day and I didn't know why. At least not yet. more »