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School in New York State remain close until April 29 regents exams canceled due to COVID-19

Schools in New York State continue to remain closed until April 29 according to news reports. The school board also announced that the regents exams have been canceled for this year. more »

If your drive around a lot, take a break every couple of hours and go for a 10 minute walk

Boulder Creek Steakhouse, Yonkers New York - Souvenir photo A friend of mine recommended that I drink a lot of water these days because I've been driving around a lot doing rideshare. I am adding to that a 10 minute walk have a couple of hours. more »

COVID-19 : Anyone coming in contact with US president Trump or the vice president must take a coronavirus test

US President Trump and the coronavirus task force answering questions to the media. How satisfied are you with the efforts being made? This just in... If you are planning a meeting with US President Donald Trump or his vice president Mike Pence or whatever his name is, get ready to take a coronavirus test. more »

COVID-19 Business Loans in a Nutshell, Here's what you need to know

Download The Coronavirus emergency loans small business guide and checklist in PDF format Here are some important information about the small business administration (SBA) COVID-19 loans that you need to know. more »

COVID-19 S.O.S. Emergency alert went out to all cell phones in New York State asking healthcare workers for help

COVID-19 emergency alert all New York City Health Care workers I was driving down on the Hudson River Parkway in Manhattan when all of a sudden my phone started beeping. Then I received this emergency alert. New York City is asking all healthcare workers for assistance, a covid-19 extreme alert! more »

$350 billion in loans now available for small businesses starting today

Best Buy and many other businesses in the US closed down to prevent the spread of covid-19 Starting today, April 3rd 2020, small businesses can apply for nearly $350 billion dollars in loans available through the economic rescue plan from Congress. more »

Unemployment rate in the U.S. will surpass that of the Great Depression because of Coronavirus, economist are saying

6.6 million U.S. workers apply for unemployment in a single week due to COVID-19 If you think things are bad now, read this... During the Great Depression the unemployment rate was 25%. Economist are saying that it is going get worse after the covid-19 pandemic is over. more »

DANGER : You have gloves on for COVID-19 protection and you're touching your eyeglasses all day long

Stop touching your eyeglasses with your covid-19 infected gloves! So you are trying to protect yourself fron Coronavirus (COVID-19), you put on your face mask and your gloves, you start touching everything including the glasses that you keep putting back in front of your eyes. And you think you're safe? more »

Ali Wentworth gives out her secret how she dealt with COVID-19, what helps

Actor and comedian Ali Wentworth, wife of George Stephanopoulos, in quarantine infected with covid-19 Actor and comedian Ali Wentworth, wife of George Stephanopoulos, spoke out after testing positive for covid-19 and she shared a few things that may help if you are suffering from coronavirus right now. more »

What should you do if you lost your job and just can't make rent this month due to COVID-19?

6.6 million U.S. workers apply for unemployment in a single week due to COVID-19 Just in case you are unable to pay your rent this month as a result of the coronavirus pandemic and you are wondering what you should do here is what a personal finance expert had to say... more »