If you constantly have to prove to somebody that you love them, do they love you back?

Have you ever found yourself in a relationship what you are constantly giving, giving, giving and what you are getting in return is nothing compared to what you are giving?

I was having a conversation with the young man this morning, a gay man, and he was talking about his relationship with his partner. He is willing to do anything for his partner but sometimes he wonders whether his partner loves him like he says he does.

"I find myself constantly having to do things for him because I love him but every time I ask him to do something so simple for me, he's always too lazy or too tired to do it," the man said.

"That makes me wonder does he love me or is he just using me because I'm a nice person?"

I am no relationship expert so I simply replied with a "hmmmm".

I do understand what he's talking about. In some of my past relationships, I was the one always willing to do things for my partner but, in many cases, I did not feel that I was getting an equal and opposite reaction.

Is this what love is?

Be super nice to the ones you love even you don't even get half in return?

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