The freaking things that just bother me

Are you paying more for groceries? Grocery bills are driving Americans nuts these days.

My friend and I are enjoying a super delicious breakfast at the Hotel Riu Plaza Hotel in Miami Beach Have you noticed how expensive it is go buy groceries when you go to the supermarket these days? Americans are fed up with their grocery bills, Business Insider reports. more »

WTF!!! $4.99 a gallon!!! My car was running out of gas in South Beach Florida so I decided to stop at a Gas Station

Look: Same gas station with two totally different prices at the pump When I saw the sticker price for a gallon of gasoline at a Shell gas station in Miami Beach Florida , I was shocked. more »

Being a bad driver is somewhere between being in a rush and being too careful

Sometimes driving on the road feels like riding on go karts except accidents are real and costly Is it me or do all the bad drivers come out during rush hour? I realized this morning that I am one of these bad drivers and I now know why we called them bad drivers. more »

How many gallons gas do Americans consume every single day? The number will shock you

I spend so much money on gas in my car I just had to find out how many gallons of gas Americans consume everyday. It's a big number and you're about to find out. more »

So many streaming services: Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube premium, do you need all of them?

I just cancelled my Netflix and I'm already feeling guilty about it... LOL... Streaming services are slowly dripping money out of your bank account and yet, if you are like me, you probably have three or more streaming services that you are paying for on a monthly basis. Which one do you keep which one do you get rid of and why? more »

If you constantly have to prove to somebody that you love them, do they love you back?

Have you ever found yourself in a relationship what you are constantly giving, giving, giving and what you are getting in return is nothing compared to what you are giving? more »

You won't believe how much it cost to buy Lysol disinfectant spray on eBay

$28 is the bid on a can of Lysol on eBay and the auction is not over yet, can you believe this? After my friend who worked at the hospital told me how much she paid for it 95 face masks on the internet I was curious to know how much it would cost to buy a can of Lysol. $28 is the bid on eBay for one can and the auction is not over yet LOL... more »

What is Dunkin Donuts asking us to do? Buy a cup of coffee and pee in the cup?

The Dunkin donut coffee I bought because I had to pee It is Coronavirus season in New York and I have to pee real bad. So I do what I always do: Pull over into a Dunkin Donuts and use the bathroom. Guess what? Bathroom is closed until further notice? more »