Things I learned along the way

If you constantly have to prove to somebody that you love them, do they love you back?

Have you ever found yourself in a relationship what you are constantly giving, giving, giving and what you are getting in return is nothing compared to what you are giving? more »

COVID-19 : How to decontaminate your food products before putting it in your refrigerator

Diluted bleach can be the perfect homemade disinfectant to wipe clean and disinfect everything in your house Because of the COVID-19 pandemic happening right now, you should always decontaminate food products that you buy from the grocery store Before you put it in your pantry or worse, before you put it inside your refrigerator. more »

How long can the Coronavirus survive inside your refrigerator? You will be shocked when I read this

After some supermarket workers became sick with COVID-19, an NBC tv station made an investigative report asking how long does the coronavirus survive on food packaging and does stay on packaging that is on your refrigerator. more »

COVID-19 Business Loans in a Nutshell, Here's what you need to know

Download The Coronavirus emergency loans small business guide and checklist in PDF format Here are some important information about the small business administration (SBA) COVID-19 loans that you need to know. more »

My Caribbean mother gives me all kinds of things to drink to protect me from Coronavirus LOL

My Caribbean Mother's coronavirus prevention concoctions, Vitamin C drinks, strange black homemade syrup, you name it I am spending some time with my Caribbean mother during this coronavirus covid-19 pandemic and every time I get home my mom hands me a little cup with some funky drink in it: "Here, drink this!" She says. more »

This man was so happy when he discovered he tested negative for COVID-19

Happiness is when you test negative for the coronavirus COVID-19 When he entered my vehicle, I asked him: "Sir, if you think you might be infected with coronavirus..." He stopped me right in my tracks: "No man! Thank God I just tested negative for this darn coronavirus and I am so happy!" more »

Dunkin Donuts is the Trigger, every time I see a Dunkin Donuts I will drink some water

The Dunkin donut coffee I bought because I had to pee I always carry a bottle of water but I always forget to take a sip from time to time. I was looking for a trigger to remind me every time to take a sip. I have chosen Dunkin Donuts as my trigger. more »

Hospital worker in New York pays $259 for twenty N95 face masks on eBay

She gave me an N95 face mask, Oh Thank you. These things are a commodity these days When the New York hospital worker told me she had to buy her N95 face masks in order to do the job, I couldn't believe it. But when she showed me the receipt I was shocked. $259.98 she paid for 20 N95 surgical face masks just to keep herself safe from Coronavirus at the hospital. more »

I have a special pair of pants to remind me when I'm gaining weight, they are screaming for help right now

When I decided to come spend some time with my mother in New York, I wanted to make sure that I do not gain weight. So I brought this special pair of pants that I have. They will remind me quickly when it's time to watch my mouth. more »

Did you know you can have Dropbox automatically upload every picture you take with your camera phone?

What do you do with your pictures after you take them with your camera phone? If you upload them to your computer then you would love this feature from Dropbox but I didn't know about until today. more »