Do your friends help you achieve or are they just ready to help you screw up your life?

I was talking to a young lady this morning and she was explaining to me how the kind of friends you have around you can either help you or hinder you on your path to success.

She was explaining to me that some of the friends she parties with are not necessarily the ones she would call upon when she has a deep thought or something serious that she needs to think about or q bid decision she needs to make.

"They jump for joy when you tell them let's have a beer," she said, "but when you're sad and you have to make a big decision in your life, there are quicker to cheer you up with another beer then to help you decide what's best for you."

Yes, I have some friends like that.

Every problem you're having have in life can be resolved with a beer or a woman. But is that all there is to life?

I have many friends but I only have a few that I can count on for some serious advice.

The funny thing is I hardly ever call his friends and when I do, we both know it is for a serious conversation.

Be very careful who you have around you in your time of need.

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