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Police and the National Guard pulling over New Yorkers going to Rhode Island because of coronavirus

The Rhode Island state police and the National Guard have set up checkpoints pulling over New Yorkers entering Rhode Island from Connecticut. more »

CVS has a public bathroom, thank God, but no toilet paper

Ever go to the bathroom sit down do your thing and suddenly realized oops there's no toilet paper? After I left Dunkin Donuts with my pee coffee I have to find another place to use the bathroom because something else wanted to come out. more »

What is Dunkin Donuts asking us to do? Buy a cup of coffee and pee in the cup?

The Dunkin donut coffee I bought because I had to pee It is Coronavirus season in New York and I have to pee real bad. So I do what I always do: Pull over into a Dunkin Donuts and use the bathroom. Guess what? Bathroom is closed until further notice? more »

She refuses to start her new blog because she says she's from the ghetto and her English is not good enough

I met this young lady who asked me what I do for a living. I told her I am a blogger. She tells me she always wanted to start a blog but lacks English skills because l she grew up in the ghetto. more »

Speaking of starting a new blog, leave the programming to the experts, focus on blogging. Here is how to get started dirt cheap

The biggest fear among people who want to start a new blog is how much it will cost. First let me start by saying it is much cheaper than you think, all the technical stuff can be done for you automatically so all you have to worry about is what you're going to put on your blog like articles and photos and stuff. more »

Did you know you can have Dropbox automatically upload every picture you take with your camera phone?

What do you do with your pictures after you take them with your camera phone? If you upload them to your computer then you would love this feature from Dropbox but I didn't know about until today. more »

It looks like Apple's iPhone 12 release date will not be affected by coronavirus

Apple was thinking about delaying the release of this new iPhone 12 and 5G iPhone due to the corona virus outbreak but they have decided to keep the release date as schedule before. more »

If anyone knows of TLC licensed drivers they are paying them to bring food to people.

Recruiting Drivers: New York City is looking for TLC-licensed drivers to help with important work related to COVID-19, such as delivering food to older adults who can't leave their homes. more »

The world superpowers should get on their warships and go after the coronavirus, my 85 year old father said

The world powers are so busy creating big weapons of mass destruction and they can't even destroy a little virus, my 85 year old father said. more »

Hiking from Bear Mountain all the way to Suffern New York, sounds like fun!

I just met a young couple who decided to make the best out of there 14-day Coronavirus quarantine. They decided to hike from Bear Mountain, New York, all the way to Suffern. more »