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New York Coronavirus confirmed cases have surpassed 10,300 across the state

The number of confirmed people infected with the coronavirus or Covid-19 have surpassed 10,300 across New York state. more »

Staffer in vice president spence's staff has tested positive for Coronavirus

One of the staffe in vice president spence's staff has tested positive for Coronavirus. more »

Tattoo parlors closed due to Coronavirus

I just spoke to a man who is a tattoo artist and he told me that he's basically out of business for the next few weeks because tattoo parlors closed everywhere in New York state and New Jersey as far as he knows but it be more States. more »

More than 260 people dead in New York from Coronavirus

More than 260 people have died in New York from coronavirus and tens of thousands of people are infected according to the latest news report from CNN more »

US President Donald Trump did not take coronavirus seriously until it got too serious

Some agency from the US govt was trying to get to through to President Trump regarding the seriousness of the coronavirus but they were unsuccessful until things got really out of hand. more »

I finally understand why old people put their freaking glasses on the tip of their nose LOL

I used to laugh my ass off every time I see old people sticking with their glasses on the tip of their nose until I turned 47 years old. more »

This coronavirus thing has people going cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs

I decided to create a new blog in the middle of a coronavirus crisis. So what do you think I'm going to talk about most of the time? Corona virus of course! more »

Trying to get the blog going, but no chance!

I'm trying to get this blog started but I've been so busy I have not had the time. more »

Hello World! My first blog post

Hey! My name is Woody. I have been writing articles on the Internet 1999 but mainly in my community. Because of that there are many things that I would like to discuss that I don't talk about because it is off topic to my immediate readers. more »