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6,000 mental health professionals agree to assist citizens of New York with coronavirus related issues

6,000 mental health professionals agree to provide Mental Health Services do citizens of New York who may suffer emotional health from this coronavirus crisis, Governor Andrew Cuomo said more »

New York Governor says social distancing is burdensome but necessary

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said that social distancing well it is very burdensome it is very necessary because in his views social distancing has slow down the speed at which coronavirus is spreading. more »

Just saw an ambulance being escorted by police on the highway

I just witnessed an ambulance at high speed being escorted by police on the highway, I 287 heading towards White Plains New York from the Tappan Zee Bridge. more »

If you travel from New York to any other part of the country, you should self-quarantine for 14 days

I just heard on the radio that if you travel from New York to any other part of the country you should quarantine for 14 days because chances are you are infected with Coronavirus. more »

President Donald Trump is hoping that everything will return to normal by Easter Sunday

With the United States on lockdown and Americans living in fear due to the coronavirus care, President Donald Trump said hopes that everything returns back to normal based on Sunday. more »

Florida Governor's orders: All passengers arriving from New York, New Jersey and Connecticut must self quarantine for 14 days

In order to slow down the spread of the coronavirus, by order of the governor of the state of Florida, all passengers arriving from New York, New Jersey and Connecticut have to self quarantine for 14 days. more »

The lady walks into my car, I tell her I speak a little bit of Spanish and off she goes

Have you ever had an experience where you tell somebody I speak just a little bit of a foreign language and suddenly there go off in a 15 minute conversation with you like you understand everything there saying? more »

New York City is looking to hire out of work Uber and Lyft drivers

For all the Uber and Lyft drivers out there who are seeibg theit income dried up because of coronavirus, the city of New York is looking to hire are you more »

UK restricts movement of people due to Coronavirus

Besides essential workers, all citizens in London have been asked to stay home and the police are enforcing this measure. more »

I am going 60 miles an hour in the rain and a sports car zoom right past me

Sometimes you have to ask yourself what is the rush? Where are people going. They are driving so fast in the rain. more »