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Makeshift morgues being installed in New York hospitals with covid-19 outbreak

Are New York hospitals preparing for the worst? In the midst of the coronavirus outbreak the media is reporting refrigerated trucks parked outside New York City hospitals. more »

2 cruise ship passengers died from Coronavirus, 103 others test positive for COVID-19

Now is not the time to be going on a cruise people! It has been reported that two passengers who had been on Princess Cruises' Grand Princess cruise ship have died from coronavirus and 103 of the passengers onboard tested positive for covid-19. more »

It's sad to see all the parking lots of shopping malls in America empty

Look at this, the Kohl's department store parking lot is empty on a Tuesday afternoon As I passed by a shopping mall where Kohl's is located in Nanuet New York I noticed that the parking lot is empty. With the coronavirus epidemic everyone is at home being safe. more »

Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon waiving late fees during coronavirus outbreak

Good news for all US mobile phone customers: For the next 60 days Sprint and others will be waiving late fees and they will not cut off your mobile phone service if you cannot pay your bills because of the covid-19. more »

Stop & Shop is making record sales during the coronavirus crisis

Some businesses might be closed during this coronavirus crisis but Supermarket Stop & Shop is making record sales from people buying ans stocking their houses with food products just in case they have to be quarantined for a few weeks. more »

New York is doing more coronavirus testing than any other state in the United States

In a press conference Tuesday, New York City Governor Andrew Cuomo said that New York is doing more coronavirus testing than any other state in the United States. more »

There is the name for it when you separate the employee and employers, it is called unemployment

According to one US senator, separated the employees from the employers, there is a name for it. it is called unemployment. more »

6,000 mental health professionals agree to assist citizens of New York with coronavirus related issues

6,000 mental health professionals agree to provide Mental Health Services do citizens of New York who may suffer emotional health from this coronavirus crisis, Governor Andrew Cuomo said more »

New York Governor says social distancing is burdensome but necessary

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said that social distancing well it is very burdensome it is very necessary because in his views social distancing has slow down the speed at which coronavirus is spreading. more »

Just saw an ambulance being escorted by police on the highway

I just witnessed an ambulance at high speed being escorted by police on the highway, I 287 heading towards White Plains New York from the Tappan Zee Bridge. more »