DANGER : You have gloves on for COVID-19 protection and you're touching your eyeglasses all day long

So you are trying to protect yourself fron Coronavirus (COVID-19), you put on your face mask and your gloves, you start touching everything including the glasses that you keep putting back in front of your eyes. And you think you're safe?

Stop touching your eyeglasses with your covid-19 infected gloves!
Stop touching your eyeglasses with your covid-19 infected gloves!

I didn't realize that until a friend of mine told me be careful touching your eyeglasses with your gloves.

The lady said she keeps trying to tell her son to quit touching his eyeglasses with his infected gloves and putting it back in his face and he refuses.

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Think about that for a minute.

The reason you have to put on gloves is so that you can keep your hands sanitized before you touch your face, your mouth, your nose and your eyes.

But do you take your gloves off before you touch your eyeglasses?

Chances are you don't. Therefore you could be using your gloves to bring the COVID-19 virus right into your eyes.

Be careful my friend!

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