I just witnessed a woman having an anxiety attack on the side of the road after she was told she tested negative for Coronavirus

Westchester County New York -- As I pulled up from behind her at a red light, I saw a middle-aged woman step out of her vehicle and started blowing air into her face almost like she couldn't breathe. And all of a sudden a young child stepped out of the vehicle.

Coronavirus COVID-19 : How to protect yourself, what to do if you're sick, Watch for symptoms
Coronavirus COVID-19 : How to protect yourself, what to do if you're sick, Watch for symptoms

The passenger who was in my car told me she's a nursing student and she felt obliged to step out and ask the lady what was wrong.

Fearing for my safety and hers, with the coronavirus pandemic in full force in New York, I told her please do not get close to the woman. just stand at a distance and try to figure out what is wrong with her in case we have to dial 911 or something.

When I looked in her car, there must have been at least three children in the car and the lady sitting on the side of the road was the driver and only adult in the vehicle. She was panicking, scaring virtually every driver who passed by as they rushing to get by not even stopping, most of them.

When do young nursing student got back in my vehicle, she told me she thought the lady was having a panic attack.

The lady had just gotten her test results because she thought she a Coronavirus. Although the test came out negative she was still panicking because she said she felt the same symptoms that made her take the test to begin with.

Now she still believes she has coronavirus and she does not want to pass it on to her kids who are in the car and she doesn't have anyone to call at home.

This coronavirus is a attacking more than people's bodies. It is beginning to attack their minds.

Some people are really afraid of what is becoming an unknown in America.

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