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I am speaking to two lovely people in my Uber car

here I am in an Uber car and I just met two amazing folks who are going to make me a millionaire. more »

Voice typing 101 : How do you dictate to your Microsoft Surface tablet with the keyboard attached?

Dictating on a Surface tablet is easy but what happens to the microphone button when the keyboard is attached? When using a tablet or touchscreen like the Microsoft Surface tablet, all you have to do is tap on the microphone button on the screen keyboard to start dictating but that's when the keyboard is not attached. How the hell do you do it when the keyboard is attached? I just found out. more »

Can you be happy just because you want to be? Can you simply choose to be happy?

There are many people in this world who thinks they need something or someone in order to be happy. Some people associate happiness with nice shoes, nice clothes, living comfortably or traveling to some fancy destination. more »

WTF!!! $4.99 a gallon!!! My car was running out of gas in South Beach Florida so I decided to stop at a Gas Station

Look: Same gas station with two totally different prices at the pump When I saw the sticker price for a gallon of gasoline at a Shell gas station in Miami Beach Florida , I was shocked. more »

When I'm stressed out, drinking water makes me feel better - I was so surprised when she said that

Most people in the world eat like crazy things when they are stressed out but this young lady told me drinking water, lots of water, is what makes her feel better whenever she feels stressed. more »

What is the best thing that happened to you today? A lot she said but her answer will shock you

I often ask people I meet what is the best thing that happened to you today? Well today, a young lady answered: "A lot," with a big smile on her face. more »

A police car drives past me and my GPS says: Police reported ahead - coincidence?

I am driving down the road, I pull up to a stop sign and police car drives right in front of me. As I start driving behind him down the road my GPS says "police reported ahead!" more »

Holy smokes, she really gave me a $20 tip - read this rideshare story

This young lady walks into my car and start telling her friend a story about how she accidentally gave the doorman at her hotel a $20 tip. more »

Are you poor or are you broke? Do you know the difference?

Mike Todd a famous movie maker once said being broke is a temporary situation being poor is a mental condition. more »

Me and my Uber passenger are talking about programming as we cruise down FDR Drive in New York

I met this amazing lady and I am taking her to downtown New York City right now and it is so much fun talking to her as we cruise down FDR Drive in New York City. more »