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Me and my Uber passenger are talking about programming as we cruise down FDR Drive in New York

I met this amazing lady and I am taking her to downtown New York City right now and it is so much fun talking to her as we cruise down FDR Drive in New York City. more »

Corona virus is killing a lot of people but a lot of others will be born because of the virus

While it is true that a lot of people are dying from COVID-19, someone just told me that a lot of new babies are being born too because of the virus. more »

Of all the people died from Coronavirus in the U.S., nearly half is from New York State

Governor Andrew Cuomo giving his daily Corona virus briefing on CNN Out of the more than 22,000 people who died from COVID-19 in the United States of America, 10,056 of them died in New York. more »

Netflix sees a boost in subscriptions because of the coronavirus outbreak

Netflix is the biggest player in the streaming services More people at home because of COVID-18 means more people streaming movies online. That of course means more money for Netflix. Is Coronavirus boosting the number of subscribers Netflix has? more »

It is a covid-19 Easter and the Easter Bunny is an essential worker!

A radio station in New York announced today, Good Friday 2020, that the Easter Bunny is an essential worker, therefore it must be out there bringing goodies to the good people in quarantine from COVID-19. more »

School in New York State remain close until April 29 regents exams canceled due to COVID-19

Schools in New York State continue to remain closed until April 29 according to news reports. The school board also announced that the regents exams have been canceled for this year. more »

COVID-19 : Anyone coming in contact with US president Trump or the vice president must take a coronavirus test

US President Trump and the coronavirus task force answering questions to the media. How satisfied are you with the efforts being made? This just in... If you are planning a meeting with US President Donald Trump or his vice president Mike Pence or whatever his name is, get ready to take a coronavirus test. more »

COVID-19 S.O.S. Emergency alert went out to all cell phones in New York State asking healthcare workers for help

COVID-19 emergency alert all New York City Health Care workers I was driving down on the Hudson River Parkway in Manhattan when all of a sudden my phone started beeping. Then I received this emergency alert. New York City is asking all healthcare workers for assistance, a covid-19 extreme alert! more »

$350 billion in loans now available for small businesses starting today

Best Buy and many other businesses in the US closed down to prevent the spread of covid-19 Starting today, April 3rd 2020, small businesses can apply for nearly $350 billion dollars in loans available through the economic rescue plan from Congress. more »

Unemployment rate in the U.S. will surpass that of the Great Depression because of Coronavirus, economist are saying

6.6 million U.S. workers apply for unemployment in a single week due to COVID-19 If you think things are bad now, read this... During the Great Depression the unemployment rate was 25%. Economist are saying that it is going get worse after the covid-19 pandemic is over. more »