Hospital worker in New York pays $259 for twenty N95 face masks on eBay

When the New York hospital worker told me she had to buy her N95 face masks in order to do the job, I couldn't believe it. But when she showed me the receipt I was shocked. $259.98 she paid for 20 N95 surgical face masks just to keep herself safe from Coronavirus at the hospital.

She gave me an N95 face mask, Oh Thank you. These things are a commodity these days
She gave me an N95 face mask, Oh Thank you. These things are a commodity these days

"Don't they give you masks to use at the hospital?" I asked her. "Why do you have to buy your own."

"The little bit they have, they keep them under lock and key because people are stealing them," she replied.

"She was so afraid and she might contract the coronavirus at the hospital that she decided to invest almost $300 just on 20 N95 face masks in order to keep herself safe.

"How long can you use them for?" I asked her.

"You're really supposed to use them once and throw them away but I've managed to use them for two or three days before I have to throw them away," sie answered.

This is just one of the stories from people that the front line in New York trying to keep themselves safe while they are saving lives.

We should all give them the respect they deserve.

By the way she did give me one of her precious masks so I can meep myself safe. Thank you my dear!

I keep my N95 face mask with me at all times just in case Doomsday comes, I am in New York, the epicenter of COVID-19

She also told me that the post has since been removed from eBay. I don't know if it was because of the price gouging maybe because 260 bucks for 20 N95 masks sound pretty expensive though I don't know how much they really cost in normal times.

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