The People I Meet

He gave me $20 and told me never to spend it, So I bought me some Bitcoins with that money

$20 worth of bitcoin I purchased with the $20 that I was not supposed to spend After a very fruitful conversation on the way to the airport, the young man pulled out a $20 bill, with a airport stamp on it believe it or not, and handed it to me. "Don't ever spend that $20," he said. "Instead, watch it grow." more »

I'm going to quit my day job and become a doorman at the Ritz Carlton Hotel

I picked up a young man in my rideshare vehicle who told me how much money he makes in tips as a doorman at the Ritz Carlton Hotel and I quickly realized I am in the wrong line of work! more »

Mother-of-three gets back on the dating scene - Keep that part out of the conversation, I tell her!

"I just got over bad long relationship," she told me. It feels so good to be single again. "I am on my second date and I'm loving it." more »

This man was so happy when he discovered he tested negative for COVID-19

Happiness is when you test negative for the coronavirus COVID-19 When he entered my vehicle, I asked him: "Sir, if you think you might be infected with coronavirus..." He stopped me right in my tracks: "No man! Thank God I just tested negative for this darn coronavirus and I am so happy!" more »

Hospital worker in New York pays $259 for twenty N95 face masks on eBay

She gave me an N95 face mask, Oh Thank you. These things are a commodity these days When the New York hospital worker told me she had to buy her N95 face masks in order to do the job, I couldn't believe it. But when she showed me the receipt I was shocked. $259.98 she paid for 20 N95 surgical face masks just to keep herself safe from Coronavirus at the hospital. more »

Hiking from Bear Mountain all the way to Suffern New York, sounds like fun!

I just met a young couple who decided to make the best out of there 14-day Coronavirus quarantine. They decided to hike from Bear Mountain, New York, all the way to Suffern. more »

Why are so many people so single-sided in life? They only see the glass half empty!

I have met countless people in my life who only see things one way. Every time they hit a little bump, every time they hit a stop sign in their lives, they immediately go into crisis mode as if it's the end of the line. more »

The lady walks into my car, I tell her I speak a little bit of Spanish and off she goes

Have you ever had an experience where you tell somebody I speak just a little bit of a foreign language and suddenly there go off in a 15 minute conversation with you like you understand everything there saying? more »